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NessaMouse returns!!!


O.O  *blink* *blink*

When did the forum get remade????  HOLY CRAP ONNA STICK!!

^-^  I was NessaMouse on the old forum too!  Googled the old forum on a complete whim and here it is!  Well a new one anyhow.  :P  I'm glad the Moocow icons are still here. But no Nadeshiko?

Now that I'm done freaking out, I'll say that I'm still the same old Nessa.  Playing games, watching cartoons and chugging soda.  I married that dork I was dating back and the day.  But most of all....

I REPRODUCED!  I have a 5 month old daughter named Victoria!  <3

I'm going to send an email to Waxpoetic and Geomar to let them know we're back in business!

hey long time no see NessaMouse! Congrats on your newborn. And Thanks again for the image of the Blackmage Hedgehog.

Neeeessaaaa. I remember emailing you randomly one day years ago and then we lost contact again. Yeah, I asked hushicho if I could take over the forums since I used to be a moderator here in.. 2002ish? I'm still working on getting -all- the things back the way they were, but it's pretty frustrating. I am not a coder and I have to ask for help for every little thing I do. But I'm still trying!


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