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well seeing that my comic series got scraped time to reupload them.

If you're going to upload things to a free site, I would recommend somewhere that doesn't have download limitations, and "length hosted" limitations.

But that's just my opinion.

I use photobucket so download limitations are not a problem as those are img links. As for the length that is out of my hands, as I have no control over it.

However is there any way for you to get rid of that huge gap that I marked off? That gap is just too damn big.  Thats funny everything looks fine when Previewed.

Well, no, not really. You have a certain amount of bandwidth photobucket permits. Every time someone sees that image, it tallies, until it exceeds bandwidth, and then people can't see it anymore. And by timed, I mean, your photos eventually expire and get deleted off the server. Way to go, photobucket!

well so far that hasn't happened yet. I have everything stored on external and if it get deleted by photobucket I can always upload it, so this shoudn't be a problem.


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