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... I used to post on the old forum. I was fairly regular back then, but kind of fell of the face of the internet before the crash, well before it in fact. I don't even know what possessed me to look it back up, but here I am. I didn't use this name back in the day. Back in the before time I was better known as Stewie_for_gov.

Hey I remember Stewie.. what's goin on man.  Looks like the forums are roaring with action once again haha.

Glad to see you back. When I was trying to transfer the old forums into a backup, I saw your name a lot, you seemed pretty involved!

Nice to see you again.  How have you been?

Mr. Sprinkler:
You guys may or may not remember a fella by the name of neoshaolin. I also went by Mr. Sprinkler for a little while too. O0


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